Specialist Bending Equipment

Single axis & Full CNC Mandrel Bending Machines

The Mandrel tube bending machine range covers sizes from 16mm to 160mm and we can match the right machine to suit your requirements.

Standard options include: (CNC models)

  • Multiple Stack bending options
  • Electric Bend Head (servo control)
  • Windows based control
  • Ring rolling option (push Bending)
  • 3 D Part simulation
  • Optional functions EG Punching

Further bending machine options:

  • Twin head bending machines (2 bends at a time)
  • Sections Rolling Machines (ring rollers)
  • End Forming Machines EG swaging or tapering operations

Jaydees Machinery Pty Ltd will use their extensive experience to:

Establish the right machine for the job.

Establish the right tooling for the job.

Provide the right operator training for the machine & tooling.